Winning continues to follow the Sea Unicorns even after claiming championship gold on the thirteenth of August. With Johnny Knox awarded postseason MVP for the second year in a row and Kevin Murphy locking up manager of the year, the Corns where not done yet.

Today, Fairfield infielder Dean Ferrara added to the Norwich accolades, taking home the leagues most valuable player award. Primarily playing second, short and third, Ferrara made am immediate impact in the Rose City.

In his first fifteen games, Ferrara collected twenty-five hits, which would only increase his average to a league leading best.

In addition to taking home the MVP crown, Ferrara became the Futures League season batting average record holder with an average of .422. In doing so, Dean beat a six year record held by former Nashua catcher Mickey Gasper, who is in the Yankees organization at the double-a level.

In 154 at-bats, ten doubles where recorded and two triples found their way onto the stats chart. Dean was even able to swipe 17 bases.

On defense, Ferrara was stellar as could be at the hot corner. Snagging line drives on diving plays and having an excellent baseball IQ, Dean endeared himself under the Norwich fans, being giving the nickname “Deanie Houdini”

An instrumental park in the Sea Unicorns championship season, Ferrara now heads back to the Stags taking back the pride of Norwich with him, and MVP hardware.